Autodesk User Group International

Website Design, Responsive Mobile Design, Content Management System, Custom Development

Swish has now performed two complete redesigns for AUGI, in 2010 and in 2016. The site is quite large, with over 500,000 members in its member database and a large daily userbase. The new site is mobile responsive throughout, and visually integrated with the custom vBulletin forum theme that powers their community.

In 2015, we worked with AUGI to revamp their homepage, registration page, and onboarding workflow for newly subscribed members. The goal was to shift from a technical brand message to that of community and education. We both redesigned and rewrote all the copy on these pages, optimized the flow for users going through the process, and setup analytics to measure engagement and success.

AUGI has many customizations on their site CMS, with quite a few specialty tools that allow them to monitor and interact with their community. The site is built on ExpressionEngine and is heavily customized.

AUGI Publications