Swish Digital, Novato CA and Truckee CA

Looking for an experienced web design professional in Truckee?

Swish specializes in web design and CMS development for small-to-medium business in Truckee. With almost two decades of experience in web site marketing and design, Swish is the perfect local choice for your upcoming web site design or redesign project.

Looking for an experienced web design professional in Truckee?

Free Audit and Consultation

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Do any of these describe you?

  • You know everything about your business, but nothing about marketing it online
  • You’ve tried GoDaddy, Wix, or even WordPress, but can’t get the hang of it
  • You got a website from another designer, but it doesn’t look or work as well as you'd hoped
  • You know you should be marketing your small business online, but just can’t find the time

A successful website requires much more than a few working pages at your domain name. Your site has to load fast, be mobile-friendly, and secure. Did you know that beginning in January 2017, your search rankings will be penalized if your website doesn't meet any of the following criteria:

  1. It must load fast, according to Google Page Speed standards
  2. It must be mobile-friendly, according to Google's responsive standards
  3. It must be secured with an SSL certificate

If your web designer hasn't helped you in all three areas, you need to call Swish. 

Let's Get Started

Swish will provide a 1 hour audit and consultation, with no obligation to you. We'll spend 30 minutes evaluating your website, then 30 minutes on a call with you to help you understand where your website design and functionality is working for your business, and where it could be improved. There's no obligation to work with us, and the audit and consultation are completely free. Just submit the form to the left and we'll get busy auditing your site.

We use a simple process, backed by almost 20 years of online marketing and web design experience, to put your business on the right track.


By auditing your past marketing efforts, website, and target audience, we'll figure out if you've been using the right techniques to reach the right customers.


When you hear "design", you may think about logos or websites. What Swish designs is a complete solution to address your online marketing challenges.


We will build and execute your solution, and teach you the why's and how's, so that you understand the benefits and implications of your new program.


We'll keep a keen eye on how the decisions we have made are affecting your goals. We can make adjustments whenever necessary to further improve results.