Opportunity is Everywhere

by Chad Crowell

December 7, 2016

Opportunity is Everywhere

Where do you start looking when you want to find more customers? Traditional marketing requires you to make decisions about how and where you want to attract customers, pay for it, and then... wait.

Whether you buy a billboard, a yellow pages ad, write a press release, or advertise in a magazine, you have to, essentially, hope that it will be seen by people who want what you are selling. There's certainly no guarantee that those who see your advertising want what you've got. Demographics and placing advertisements by locality can certainly increase the potential for leads, but without that data, you are flying blind.

By contrast, with modern online marketing, opportunity truly is everywhere. Consumers continue to flock to the internet to research, compare, and buy products and services. There is no question that if you are looking for more customers, leads, or sales, you can find them online.

Modern online marketing is content-based, and is dependent on producing quality content regularly. Starting with quality content that is targeted at the customers you want to attract creates a fantastic foundation for your online marketing efforts. Inbound marketing techniques such as blogging, building email lists, and social promotion allow strangers to become leads on their own terms. This is a beautiful thing; they are paying attention because they are interested in what you are promoting. And get this, the same demographic and locality data works great with modern online marketing. 

So, before you think about re-upping that yellow pages ad or placing an ad in a magazine, let's talk about online marketing opportunities for your product or service. In most cases, we can help you reach a lot more people and get them into your sales funnel.

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Chad Crowell

Chad Crowell 

Owner, Swish Digital

Chad is a 19 year veteran of the web industry. A developer by trade, he is now at the helm of his 3rd digital agency. Chad's mind for small business strategy makes him a valuable partner for client needs.