How to Choose a CMS for Your Small Business Website

by Chad Crowell

December 13, 2016 in Content Management Systems

How to Choose a CMS for Your Small Business Website

With almost twenty years in the web design and development business, and hundreds of sites and clients in my past, i've learned a few things about choosing the right CMS for a website. 

I get a lot of inquiries from small businesses looking for a new website or a redesign, and the first thing out of their mouth is "Wordpress". Some of them have existing sites on Wordpress, some hear that they need to use Wordpress from a friend, others searched online and found Wordpress along with some other free or very inexpensive options.

I'm not here to tell you that Wordpress is the wrong choice for your site. On the contrary, it is a very good choice for many websites. What I am here to tell you, small business owner, is that the choice of CMS for your website is not something you should be worried about. 

If you are hiring a web agency to design, build and launch your new site, it is a really good time to put your trust in the expert you have chosen, and rely on their experience to determine which CMS is the right fit for your needs. Every CMS is different, and there are hundreds of them. Even though you may have only heard "Wordpress" or a few other names, chances are that your web designer has worked with at least a handful, tried a dozen more, and knows enough about each to steer you in the right direction. 

Your website is unique because your business goals are unique. Some CMS's excel at the content management part, some have fantastic image and file management, some allow multiple editors, still others have a better administration interface. The right web designer will ask you the questions that will help determine which content management system is the right one for your needs. Here are a few basic questions you should be discussing:

  • How often do you plan to add new content to your website?
  • Will you be blogging?
  • Do the more static pages on your site ever change?
  • Will you be partaking in a monthly or quarterly maintenance plan?

There are dozens more, but even the most simple topics, such as these, will help the designer figure out what the best choice of CMS is going to be for you. In some cases, a CMS is overkill, and a plain old static HTML site will do. It is rare, but we have built the occasional site with no CMS. 

So, before you concern yourself with figuring out which CMS to use for your small business website, find a web designer who can handle that determination for you. You'll save yourself time and frustration over something that is best left to the expert you trust.

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Chad Crowell

Chad Crowell 

Owner, Swish Digital

Chad is a 19 year veteran of the web industry. A developer by trade, he is now at the helm of his 3rd digital agency. Chad's mind for small business strategy makes him a valuable partner for client needs.